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Hotspots and Trend Analysis of Blockchain Applications in Internet of Things

LYU Hairong1,*(),JIANG Nan2(),XU Ruikun1(),ZHOU Rongchen1()   

  1. 1. State Key Laboratory of Information bioinformatics division, Department of Automation Tsinghua University,Beijing 100084, China
    2. AIHealthX Co., Ltd, Beijing 100083, China
  • Received:2020-08-15 Online:2021-02-20 Published:2021-02-07
  • Contact: LYU Hairong;;;


[Objective] Internet of Things is the platform where end systems share resources and exchange information, while the value of data has been continuously revealed. As a neo-database management mode, blockchain plays a satisfactory role in the fields of decentralization, data traceability, and tamper prevention. Recently, a cornucopia of researches has explored the application of blockchain in Internet of Things. [Methods] By using the bibliometrics tool CiteSpace, this paper analyzes 75 papers with keywords including blockchain and Internet of Things through keyword co-occurrence analysis and concludes the situation of blockchain application in Internet of Things by summarizing research hotspots and trend at home and abroad. [Results] The researchers explore the application schema in the scenarios of conventional industry optimization, financial technology, and insurance technology, enhance data privacy and security of Internet of Things through blockchain, and discuss the opportunities and challenges brought by emerging technologies such as edge computing, big data, artificial intelligence and 5G. [Conclusions] Blockchain plus Internet of Things have achieved initial success and demonstrated its worth in applications. However, its further expansion still needs to rely on the integration with novel technologies.

Key words: blockchain, Internet of Things, bibliometrics, hotspots, trend