Frontiers of Data and Computing ›› 2024, Vol. 6 ›› Issue (2): 39-45.

CSTR: 32002.14.jfdc.CN10-1649/TP.2024.02.004

doi: 10.11871/jfdc.issn.2096-742X.2024.02.004

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30 Years of Internet in China: Risk Challenges, Strategic Transformation and Future Outlook under The Changing Global Landscape

LIU Dian*()   

  1. China Institute, Fudan University, Shanghai 200433, China
  • Received:2024-03-18 Online:2024-04-20 Published:2024-04-26


[Objective] To analyze China’s strategic transformation and challenges in the course of 30 years of Internet development, to explore how to build China into a network powerhouse, and to predict the future development trend. [Methods] Literature analysis and historical data were used to analyze the strategic transformation and challenges of China’s Internet development. [Results] China’s Internet has undergone a transformation from following to leading, and has become an important force in global Internet development.. However, it also faces international competitive pressure, data governance challenges and other issues. [Limitations] Internet development is rapidly changing, and this paper may not be able to cover all the latest research results and opinions. In addition, due to the uncertainty of the domestic and international policy environment and technological development, there may be some bias in the prediction of the future. [Conclusions] In the future, China needs to continue to deepen the national cyber development strategy, strengthen independent innovation, and actively participate in global Internet governance to cope with the changing international environment and technological development trend.

Key words: digital governance, internet technology, network powerhouse, Chinese politics and international politics