Frontiers of Data and Computing ›› 2024, Vol. 6 ›› Issue (2): 25-38.

CSTR: 32002.14.jfdc.CN10-1649/TP.2024.02.003

doi: 10.11871/jfdc.issn.2096-742X.2024.02.003

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Towards Trustworthy, Interconnected and Interoperable Open Science Infrastructures: Review of the Global Open Science Cloud Initiative

ZHANG Lili(),CHEN Can,ZHANG Haiming,ZHENG Yihua,LUO Ze,LI Jianhui*()   

  1. Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100083, China
  • Received:2024-04-01 Online:2024-04-20 Published:2024-04-26


[Objective] UNESCO takes open science infrastructure as one of the key pillars for Open Science, among which the “Global Open Science Cloud Initiative” (GOSC) serves as an exploratory example. [Methods] This paper presents a comprehensive overview of the GOSC Initiative, tracing its inception, key research components, and open governance framework. Progress reports highlight the interconnectivity of research resources and service delivery, the interoperability of testbed prototypes, and the trustworthy demonstrations across domains and regions. [Results] The GOSC case study highlights distinct features of open science infrastructure: technical interoperability, policy-driven openness, inclusiveness of participation, and sustainability as not-for-profit entities. To co-build trustworthy Open Science ecosystems, we should explore cutting-edge technologies, robust policies, and effective governance mechanisms. Besides, deploying a concerted approach that spans technical, policy, and governance is essential. Moreover, future GOSC should develop strengthened policy and governance frameworks, evolving elastic testbeds, and up-to-date key technologies, with a better exploration of cloud service models and demonstrations across domains and regions. [Limitations] We hope the future “Global Open Science Cloud” Initiative could prioritize interconnectivity and interoperability of research resources and services to foster mutually trustworthy Open Science ecosystems.

Key words: Global Open Science Cloud Initiative, open science infrastructures, cloud federation, interconnectivity and interoperability